Past Guests

We’ve had our fair share of fine folks that we’ve bribed, blackmailed and/or bullied into coming on the show, including:

Chris Osborne from Play Comics joined us for our episode on Watership Down

<img src="playcomics.jpg" alt="play comics podcast comic books video game podcast"/>


Best Day (he did our theme song! He is also Megan’s brother!) from Music, I Guess? joined us for our double episode on H.P. Lovecraft’s racist ass!

<img src="bestday.jpg" alt="soundcloud musician beats producer best day" />


Reid Messerschmidt from The Irrationally Exuberant joined us for our episode on Ethan Frome!

<img src="irrationallyexuberant.jpg" alt="irrationally exuberant podcast bronzed statues and upsetting art" />


Dr. Carla Maria Thomas from Early Medieval English Academia joined us for our episode on Beowulf!

She is an actual professor and does not have a podcast and I’m not putting up a picture of her so just…enjoy her Twitter. It’s cool, it’s public.


MC Lars from Doing Lots of Nerdy Raps and Also A Podcast Now joined us for our episode on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

<img src="MCLars.jpg" alt="MC Lars nerdcore rapper Super Mario shirt devil horns" />


B.J. Mendelson from Social Media In General and also Rosie and BJ Save The World joined us for our episode on A Tale of Two Cities!

<img src="RosieandBJ.jpg" alt="Rosie and BJ Save the World Podcast" />


The Narcissist Cookbook from Making Very Scottish Songs joined us for our episode on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and a March-Madness Minisode!

<img src="NarcissistCookbook.jpg" alt="The Narcissist Cookbook Scottish Musician Hymn album cover" />


Kate Bowers-Wallinga from Ignorance Was Bliss joined us for our episode on In Cold Blood and a March-Madness-Minisode!

<img src="IgnoranceWasBliss.jpg" alt="Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast Kate Wallinga Art by Emily Wallinga" />


Moxie LaBouche from Your Brain On Facts joined us for our episode on The Haunting of Hill House!

<img src="BrainOnFacts.jpg" alt="Your Brain on Facts Podcast Moxie LaBouche" />


Joe from Life, Death, and Taxonomy joined us for a March-Madness-Minisode on The Witcher book series!

<img src="ldt.png" alt="Life Death and Taxonomy Podcast interesting animal facts podcast" />


Paul Csomo from Varmints! joined us for a March-Madness-Minisode about huffing books and other dark sins!



Rob Kristofferson from Our Strange Skies joined us for our episode on Slaughterhouse-Five!

Sadly, (because it was awesome) Rob has since retired the podcast, but he’s a super cool dude and you can follow his equally cool thoughts over on his Twitter


Scottye Moore of About 10 Jillion Podcasts and Also The BS Podcast Network and Current and Only Author of Harry Potter (Get Fucked JK Rowling), joined us for our episode on The Glass Menagerie

Sammy Magic 3.jpg