Fan Art Gallery

It’s scientifically proven that fans of Oh No! Lit Class are better than fans of any other form of media. I’m just saying, it’s science. You want proof? Just look at all the awesome stuff they’ve made!

Oscar Wilde’s #Goals by @adorablecrab


David Bowie: Thane of GLAM-is by @RebeccaJoDawkin


The non-racist and still viscerally upsetting replacement for “Grotesque and Arabesque” by @xnamaru


True facts about the rabbits of Watership Down by @ArielTeague


Kurtz’s famous last words by @stormygailart


An extremely representative embroidery by @thefeyland


Oscar Wilde continues to live in the shadow of his China by @khiquii


In defense of everyone’s favorite literary bloodsucker by @bebobebobebo