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Want to help promote the show? Grab some logos, promos, and see just a few of the startlingly awesome things people are saying about Oh No! Lit Class. (Press kit available upon request). 


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“Megan and RJ are so charming and informative. I love hearing their takes on literature and the fun spin they put on the classics. They make working long weeks bearable.”

-iTunes listener MaraStari


“Listening to RJ and Megan…offers a refreshing perspective.” 

-Jose Nateras, “Podmass” The AV Club’s weekly podcast feature


“The MBMBAM of classic literature.”

-iTunes listener YellowDiamondJasper


“It’s like listening to your two funniest friends who just happen to be having a brainy conversation about literature.”

-Matt Sanderson, “Hear Here” The Guardian’s weekly podcast feature


“I love this podcast so much. It’s funny and interesting as hell. Thanks so much for continuing to make it!”

-iTunes listener drewtheoracle


“Oh No! Lit Class is a very good name for a podcast!”

-Griffin McElroy, My Brother, My Brother, And Me Episode 394: “Face 2 Face: I Fritos Hard”


“I’ve learned more from this show than any college course. Naturally, the podcast and its hosts are hilarious and a joy to listen to, but also their ability to provide easy guides to the contexts in which these works arise helps me comprehend just why these stories are like this. And knowing more means the shows even funnier thanks to that.”

-iTunes listener Sparky Young Upstart