About The Show

Oh No! Lit Class is a semi-educational comedy literature podcast that’s here to tell you all the strange and sexy things you never knew about the books you had to read in school.

Started in February of 2017 and hosted by two former English grads, ON!LC is a fun, foul-mouthed Sparknotes for your ears, mixing plot summaries, author bios, and trivia with bad impressions, worse singing, and occasionally even financial advice…For some reason.

Learn who called Alexander Dumas “Daddy” (everyone), why the author of The Scarlet Letter got stuck shoveling poop (Ralph Waldo Emerson made him), and what Agatha Christie got up to when not writing mysteries (catching gnarly waves).

Join us every other Thursday for sweet nuggets of literary knowledge and other assorted weirdness.



Meet The Hosts:


Likes: Hoodies, Halloween, Bruce Campbell, new book smell

Bookshelf: Disorganized

Whiskey: Please and thank you

Gender: Not Applicable


Likes: Arguing, naps, finance, angrily watching people play video games

Beard: Luxurious and well-groomed

Law Degree: Shockingly, yes

Books Read: ???